Today I Turned Forty-Three (43)

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Mar 042013

So, today was my birthday. Because of social media, I received many well wishers and felt a little special. Beyond that, and not related to it being my birthday – today was a really good day!

  • Had an All Hands Meeting – Planning Meeting go so much better than I even hoped and now I’m really glad I volunteered to join this committee.
  • Encountered an emergency at work that played right into my underused web development strengths, which let me really get into my element and have some fun with code.
  • Had a solid finish to my “Toypocalypse” mini-campaign, and was so happy with how well the Natick group received it.
  • Got a birthday call from my father, Adel, in Michigan.[I think it struck us both that he was talking to his 43 year old son, and how lucky we both were to be alive and talking today!]
  • Received a very touching, heartfelt card from Lisa – and some chocolate!

Like I said, it was a very good day! 🙂