Feb 262013

I haven’t posted in while, not because there was no news – but because it was not really mine to tell.

Lisa’s uncle Francis (everyone called him Frannie) passed away. He died in a hospital bed with complications from pneumonia. He was fairly fit and mobile until he fell last year, breaking his hip. He never fully recovered, and the months spent on the hospital with a respirator tube, made him much weaker; frailer. Watching the downward spiral was sobering and sad, and illustrated something I hadn’t known before. When people “die of old age” it seems more a matter of not being able to recover quickly or completely after an illness or injury.

I believe he was 82 years old, and we consider that pretty good for a human lifespan, but Frannie didn’t want to go. Eight decades, with everything he saw and all of the people he knew, and if he had been given a choice, he would have went on with his life as best he could.

My German friends just had their baby. That was a refreshingly bright spot in what is often my litany of woe. Mother and child are doing fine and went home around six hours after the birth. I’m sincerely happy for them; this is what you hope for your young friends!

[I’ll ask his permission to post a photo, here.]

That’s enough life and death for one day.

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