Feb 092013

I suppose I could subtitle this post, “The Big Dig.” Marilyn had two guys come over to help us clear our walk and driveway, Paul and Bill. Lisa woke me up to go help them, around 11am. I was in full on ‘bear’ mode, namely I had eaten a lot of calories yesterday and wanted to keep hibernating until this whole thing was over!

Instead, I got up and put on my snow gear, then trudged through snow that was higher than my knees, to get to our snowblower. We’ve kept it out and covered with a tarp all winter, just waiting for the day we’d need it – today was that day!

It wouldn’t start. 🙁

In retrospect, we should have tried to start it a week or two ago and made sure it would. We could have had it serviced then, before the big day. In any case, it wasn’t helping us today!

I did some shoveling with Paul and Bill, and then some of our neighbors came over with a snowblower to help clear the front of our driveway. Even with all of these people working on it, it’s not finished. Everyone got exhausted and had to call it for the day. Paul will be back tomorrow, and hopefully the sun will melt some of this by then.

We also couldn’t get Lisa car started, and we have no idea what that’s about. I’ll try again tomorrow and jump it; if that doesn’t work we’ll have to get it towed to the service station at the end of our street.

Though we’ve had these two cases of equipment failure, at least we’re not among the 500,000 without power! We haven’t lost our satellite signal (thanks to occasional extend-o-broom sweeping) and even our broadband Internet connection has stayed solid throughout. So, we really don’t have much to complain about at all!





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