Feb 082013

So today is the beginning of Winter Storm Nemo, with an estimated precipitation of 24 to 36 inches of snow.

My M-i-L has been shopping for days to make sure we have enough food. Lisa and I were short on a couple “nice to have’s” like breakfast cereal and Ovaltine. The closest grocery store, Shaw’s, was packed out and every single shopping cart was being used! I’ve never seen that before, and this was after a week of warnings about the impending storm. So, I drove down to the next grocery store, Stop & Shop, and while busy, they had carts and were processing people at a steady clip.

As of right now, there’s just a light, wet dusting of snow. But, starting around 7pm tonight, it’s going to start coming down very, very hard. I’ll update (as I can) while this unique storm progresses.


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