Dec 162012

My personal loss of Pouncer is nothing next to Newtown, CT. And while I’ve never been very susceptible to the forced cheer of Christmas, I do understand why people need a time set aside for family, friends, generosity, and socializing. But in the face of this school shooting, how do we even try to make merry?

I watched the Presidents speech tonight, from the auditorium in Newtown. He seemed saddened, angry, and resolved – something must change. I have to agree with him. Maybe it’s not enough to evaluate new gun owners, but also who has access to their guns. Why do these angry, often mentally ill, people get a hold of guns purchased legally by relatives, parents and others? Doesn’t the gun owner have an obligation to keep their guns out of the hands of these young men? Or, have we long since crossed a threshold in which we will never be free of mass shootings and senseless slaughter? Perhaps we should treat it like an anti-lottery, “someone’s going to be murdered at work, school, or a restaurant – let’s just hope it isn’t us!”

That’s a miserable way to live and it casts a pallor of despair over everything we do. The President said it right, we need to do much better than this.


Here’s a preliminary photo of our Christmas Tree. Lisa is not done decorating it yet; we’re very happy with its size and shape, for our little living room. Even during this national morning, we try to make merry.


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