Dec 102012

I’m not usually down on Monday’s because they are my chance to start over and fresh from the weekend. I’m not usually down on rain, because I know how important it is and I enjoy a cool sprinkle more than a hot, sunny day. But the combination of a Monday with cold drizzly weather and me being very tired this morning (dragging my butt) made the whole day rather “blah.”

Then, on my way home, Lisa calls and tells me to go upstairs and spend a little time with my cat, Pouncer, who hasn’t been doing so good lately. Some combination of arthritis and whatever the hell else is wrong has him unable to walk. Though my vet said that cats are rarely crippled by arthritis, apparently Pouncer is one of those rare cases. He’s lost a lot of muscle in his back legs and had a hard time keeping his balance. Yesterday he was crawling around on his front legs. Today he didn’t even do that. We pick him up and snuggle with him; he purrs and responds, but he can’t get around any more. He wasn’t able to get to his bowl to eat or to his litter box, yesterday. Today we found his bedding wet with urine. As much as I’ve dreaded having to do this, I believe it’s time to have him euthanized. I’ve held out as long as there was some quality of life, but that seems to have passed. I’m going to try and get him into the vet tomorrow or Wednesday; maybe he’ll have a good day and he’ll be able to walk around and make a liar of me (he’s done that before!) but barring a miracle, I fear this is the end.

I’ve had Pouncer since he was a tiny kitten, mewing outside my window in the winters snow. For years he slept under the covers with me (especially when it was cold out). He came with me to Massachusetts (as did my older female cat, Snow; already passed due to cancer). I even took him back to Michigan to stay with my Mother while I travelled and then picked him up and drove him back to Mass. These last few years, with me moved in with Lisa, he stays upstairs with my Mother-in-Law, who babied and pampered him, giving him all the attention usually reserved for grandchildren. He’s about fifteen years old now, and they’ve been good years. But I don’t think Pouncer is going to see 2013. 🙁

I don’t have any photo’s of him handy, I’ll find some tomorrow and post them. But, here are two photo’s I took this afternoon at work. I don’t know what this structure is or was supposed to be. As long as I’ve worked here, it’s just been a home to weeds and lichen; but I like the abandoned, secret way it squats in the rain, on a blah Monday like this.



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