Dec 092012

With all of the shopping we did yesterday, we ended up staying in the house all day today. Besides, we needed to take care of all of the bulk items we bought from the bulk store!

I Skyped with my mother, as I usually do on Sunday. [My parents live in Michigan, and a video call once a week has proven an effective way to stay connected despite the distance. Even more so between my brother and his family and my parents, as he currently lives in China!] In any case, one interesting thing that came up was that my Mother has been called for jury duty, in downtown Detroit. I was a little surprised because she doesn’t live in Detroit or even the same county as Detroit, but apparently they’re casting their nets wider and wider and are pulling people in from the suburbs. She’s mostly excited for the adventure of it, she actually said, “I want the new experience.” Her concern is with the walking and navigating stairs which is very difficult due to her bad knees. So, she may end up going on the first day and then finding it too physically strenuous and asking the judge to excuse her. Or, she may find it manageable and get to do something really interesting; worth talking about on Sunday over Skype!

As a coincidence, my director at work has also been called up for jury duty! “What does it mean?” [Hint: not a thing.]

Anyway, no great photo taken today. Instead, I’ll include two photo’s I took at a toy museum up in Vermont, a few months ago. It was a lot of fun seeing the old toys, many from TV shows I used to love watching.

Toy from "Lost in Space" TV show

 Collier's magazine cover, boy dressed like astronaut


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